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Roots Rock / Canadiana 

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About Main Street Revival

A Roots-Rock band with touches of classic rock, indie, Americana and soul. Their lyrical influences are deeply rooted in storytelling and weave in surrealistic imagery with soulful narrative. Their music and art are reflective of the highways, back roads and working towns across the country.


Formed in 2018, Main Street Revival is the culmination of three veteran songwriters: Alan Charlton, Doug Wallace & Erik Hertzberg. Following their self-titled debut released in November 2019; the band has since followed up with a new single on June 10, 2021 titled 'Revive Yerself'.  Main Street Revival have a versatile lineup ranging from an acoustic duo to their regular five piece ensemble up to a nine piece. 


Members of the band have been involved in other Ottawa bands over the years including: Suns of Stone, Fog Eye, Cold Capital, The Wicked Mercy and Wise, Young & King.

'What I've heard so far really showcases the band's dynamic sound and wide appeal!  If you're a fan of Nathaniel Rateliff, Tom Petty, or having a bevvy by the campfire, you'll love these guys!'

- Noah Sabourin, Music Director, Live 88.5 Ottawa's Alternative Rock


Our Latest release 
June 10, 2021


Ottawa, ON Canada