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Powerplay Rock & Metal Magazine (UK)

Issue 228

March 2020

"If you like bands such as the sublime The Sheepdogs or the up and coming The Glorious Sons, then you can add Main Street Revival to your Shopping list."

"The songs have that timeless singer-songwriter quality and instrumentation is rootsy without crossing over to country twang: acoustic strumming blends with electric guitars delightfully."

"Some rock music fires you up but this music makes you want to kick back and relax."

"Well sung and played with a rich, crystal clear production sound, this is a great find. In the seventies this band would have gone down a bomb on FM radio."

8/10 - Duncan Jamieson

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Divide and Conquer 

February 21,


"The album starts with the glorious 'Night Rider' and this songs plays into classic Americana in the spirit of Tom Petty. It's empowering, drives and has the perfect amount of crunch. On top of that the chorus is mighty catchy and you might find yourself singing along in no time."

"Next up is 'I Wouldn't Worry' and this song is very joyful and chipper between the horns, organ and anthemic chorus ... they go through the process of finding his footing anew and in that fog of darkness there might be light ahead."

"...I have a feeling Wallace understand all too well how music can be there for you when it needs to be."

3.9 out of 5 - Matt Jensen

Pins + Patches

December 30,


"...Or, it can recapture the essence that led to the creation of a certain style of music and wield it to create original songs that can fill a nostalgic voice in the listeners heart. Somehow, Main Street Revival have achieved the latter." 


"...Hopefully someone will take notice because M.S.R. is here to reinvigorate more than just small town streets, they are primed to breathe new life into a sleeping genre."


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